BREAKING NEWS! The new AMA (Australian Medical Association) president wants NETFLIX to remove our film “the magic pill”. Below is my response to the journalist about my thoughts that the AMA want to remove our film...which by the way they cannot! 🙏 Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? If so can they please share the evidence that this way of eating is detrimental to the health of human beings. Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, “is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry?” Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film, however, when 70-80% of illness is diet/lifestyle related, then shouldn’t prevention be a considered approach? The information that is shared in the film by leading cardiologists, neurologists, doctors and scientists has prevention at the top of their priorities and to be used as an adjunct to modern medicine which then ultimately is a holistic approach. Can you also ask why doctors are not allowed to give dietary advice (please see the recent silencing of dr gary Fettke in Tasmania) yet the head of the AMA who is a doctor, somehow is allowed to speak on this topic with authority, when his counterparts cannot? As for their referrals to dietitians can you also ask why the DAA have multinational food companies as partners....surely this is a conflict of interest? So going back to the initial question, why does the head of the AMA believe that choosing to eat a non inflammatory diet that is promoted by doctors in our film considered dangerous to the humans that choose wisely what they put into their bodies? Time and time again these simple changes have a long lasting sustainable positive impact on people’s lives. Or is the bigger picture for the AMA, that this simple approach may actually hurt the industries that rely on a large % of the population being sick? I am happy to give you the email addresses to the doctors interviewed for any questions you may have. For whole story visit my FB
Mi duda de Ovo-lacto resuelta, me queda la que siempre me pasa en este tipo de planes … el enfoque a cierto grupo y me explico: soy ese que mete 11 horas a la semana de aeróbico, trabajando HIIT pero con mis piernas o piernas o brazos (hago trail y triatlón), y ahora estoy yendo un día al gym, porque es la única forma que veo óptima para perder grasa, aumentar mi masa muscular.
Como ya hemos dicho al principio, la dieta cetogenica es una buena herramienta para mejorar la flexibilidad metabólica. Por eso mismo, sería bueno de vez en cuando seguirla, aunque sea solamente con carácter temporal durante un mes o dos al año, pero evitando mantenerla en el largo plazo (varios años) para no conseguir una inflexibilidad metabólica en el otro sentido (ser incapaz de usar los carbohidratos como energía).
Marcos, excelente artículo. Hace cerca de tres años que te sigo y he adquirido varios de tus programas, todos son fantásticos. Mi problema es que desde que he comenzado con la reducción de carbos padezco gran estreñimiento, y el agua no es problema. Estaría muy bueno si pudieras dedicar comentarios sobre el estreñimiento y la reducción de carbos-cetosis. Tal vez sea falta de algún micro nutrientes…